Sunday, October 25, 2020

The poignance of a farewell

 Farewell thee !!

So much of depth in these two words . So many different kinds of farewells in this world. Farewell to an old habit 

Farewell to a place 

Farewell to old memories 

Farewell to relations

Farewell to Emotions 

All a farewell in 

Some form or the other 

Farewell in many a ways 

And many a forms 

Farewell in thoughts 

Farewell in Thoughts 

Farewell in words

Farewell to a place 

Farewell to memories

Farewell to so many things in life . 

Farewell to negativity. 

Does a farewell bring a prelude to anything positive ? 

How many things we gather in our journey . How many things we leave  . How many things we keep with us till the end. How many we lose on our way . 

Hardest is bidding farewell to something beautiful. Something which leaves its impact deep within us . The hardest is , when you lose a loved one . Bidding farewell and sending them off is the hardest . Sometimes life doesn’t even give you a chance for farewells . 

What we can do best is always hope for something better . What is gone has moved ahead in it’s journey. We have to move on in our onwards journey. 

Keep the precious , beautiful memories within you . Hold them tight ! Be ready to make some more beautiful ones . 

Stay blessed. Stay safe.

Murder in the Alley

 Just as they were dispersing from the ball , Marquis got a sealed envelope. He quickly moved away and found a message for him. It said “ Meet me in the Alley . Important information for you regarding the murder “!.

He quickly signaled to his other friend . Explained to him in hurried tones and they quickly left the ball. Walking towards the secret Alley. One more friend had  been informed. He would be guarding the other entrance . As they were coming into the Alley.


.They  heard a whisper in the dark . 

“ I’m here “.! 

He came out . A scruffy  looking dirty man . He started explaining “ There are more murders planned “!

He was just starting to explain , when they were gunshots and he fell down in a pool of blood . 

Marquis and his friend quickly moved away and into the shadows . Their third friend was waiting with the carriage . He said “ I saw 2 men running away . By the time I caught up with them . They went away in the hackney”.

This was getting gory by the minute. The Marquis kept thinking about what the man said “ More Murders planned “!

He fell asleep in a dreamless sleep . Thinking about those beautiful eyes . 

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Celebrate Life

 We usually have a tendency of waiting for an occasion to celebrate. I don’t know whether it’s our conditioning or it’s been done over the years . One thing , I have realised in the last few months . The most uncertain is life . Yet the most realistic is , that’s the only reality too.

I know it sounds a bit confusing and contradicting . What I mean to say is , life is an event . Is everyday same ? You think so but in actuality it’s not . If you sit with a journal and go back consciously to just last one week.

You’ll find there will be so many different occurrences . It’s not going to be magnitudally different . But there will be something different. No day will be alike !

That’s the beauty of life . So when you have a once in a life time event . You don’t know when it might seize . Celebrate ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ 

Celebrate with gratitude . Thankful for blessings . Be happy and always be grateful. 

Children are the best example to teach us this . No matter what calamity or what takes place . They always bounce back with a twinkling smile and a sparkle in their eyes . Their laughs and smiles are truly heartfelt. They just let it pass and bounce back with a vigour . 

Just some heartfelt musings ๐Ÿ˜Š

Friday, October 23, 2020

Enveloped Wishes

 I saw a beautiful image this morning. Which in turn propelled me towards writing this. I tried relating it to life . Don’t we also come into this world , like beautiful , colourful, unique envelopes . 

Over the time , the envelope opens and gives out its missives . Sometimes it could bring positivity , sometimes sorrow and sometimes loss . But does it stop you from opening the envelope . No!! It doesn’t right . We still like to be surprised and expect something new . 

The surprise gets us going !! Isn’t it ? That’s how it should be . Your special scent should be left in the envelope of life . Lending your fragrance to one and all . 

Your own unique colour , design and scent . Let it always bring something new to others . Leave your scent in the universe.

Long after you are gone, your scent is left somewhere in the universe . 

Stay blessed. Stay safe ๐Ÿ˜Š

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Doing what you want !

 There might be days , when you would just like to be ! Meaning do what you feel like . It could be very simple things . Thinking they are insignificant. Nothing is insignificant. Doing what your heart and mind want you to do . It’s believe me, truly significant. I always keep this phrase very close to me . Taught to me by my yoga teacher “ Respect your body “.

There might be days , you want to just take it very slow . Enjoy the day in your own way . Go Ahead ! Do It!

I have seen a thinking thread running , that we have to be super busy and kill ourselves . That shows your productivity! Really ! Are you serious ! I feel like questioning back . 

This morning wake up and do these few simple things and see how you feel . 

Take a deep breath . Take 5 deep breaths . Really deep.

Think of something beautiful. Anything close to your heart .

Smile ๐Ÿ˜Š 

Say a silent prayer . Just be thankful . Literally count your blessings.

Listen to the quiet sounds of nature around you.


Feel the quiet around you.

Just write down something in your journal . Let it be free flowing thoughts . Whatever comes to your mind .

Decide how you would like your day to go . Slowly think about making it happen.

Do a few stretches . 

Drink some water and then go on to your Coffee  and Tea.

Listen to something soothing .

Always start your day in a restive silence . A bit of quiet and solitude .

Practice quality ‘ Me Time “.

Get set to conquer the world with a smile ๐Ÿ˜Š 

Stay blessed. Stay safe ๐Ÿ˜Š

Theft at the Red Blossom Manor House

 Lady Rebecca White looked a goddess in golden . She was excited for the ball tonight . She quickly got into the carriage . They started straight away for the Manor House . 

She met her friend as she was entering the Banquet Hall. It was a huge hall . It had been beautifully adorned tonight with hanging vases . Something brought in from Italy . Truly an unusual setting . It was a sit down dinner . Their name placards had  already been placed on the long table . She went and sat down near her placard . As she was settling down , she heard a deep voice on her right . “ May I? He questioned. She quickly turned towards the voice . It was definitely him . She recognised the eyes and the voice instantly . He smiled and nodded in agreement to her unasked question . 

They instantly got talking . They were so engrossed in each other , they did not notice anyone else . They were totally oblivious to what was happening around them. Once or twice they were asked questions by the other guests too . They didn’t realise, how quickly the time had flown . They were already being served desserts .

After that the men broke for wine and cheese . The women went on to have coffee . The musical started just then. It was very enjoyable. She was exceptionally good at singing . Just as the party was underway. Suddenly a woman’s loud scream brought everything to a standstill . She said “ In the room “. And fainted . 

They quickly rushed towards the room she pointed . Truly enough Baron Longway lay unconscious. He was hit on the head . There was a swelling near his temples . The safe door lay wide open . It had been wiped clean . 

The party dispersed . Everyone had lost the mood to party . 

The investigation was underway. Lady Rebecca White left with her mother . On the way they kept talking about the theft . 

She kept wondering! Why had the crimes increased all of s sudden . 

Tomorrow they would start their private investigation.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Cup of the World

 I always pictured the world as a beautiful tea service . I know, you all  must be wondering ! What kind of a comparison is that ? Picture the world in hues of pink and lavender . A beautiful tray full of dainty little tea cups and beautiful tea pots. 

We are all like those tea pots  . Made differently , uniquely and just as beautiful as any other. Sometimes we are already filled with most of it , what we pour out into the world . 

Take a pause and think !! What would you like to fill the cup of the World ? Would you like to fill it with love , affection, positivity , humility and gratitude. Positivity right !!

The negativity , harshness and melancholy can be strained in the drive of life and drained for good . 

I know you’ll must be thinking it’s very easy to say but very difficult to practice. Indeed !! It’s not less than a Herculean task . I know. Some days I have not had the energy to even smile through the day once . It’s natural . We are humans not robots . There will be days, when the will down in the pits . Always think of a bigger positive picture . 

Try practising gratitude every morning. A simple heartfelt thanks for what you have and see your life slowly transform . 

Good Morning lovelies . Remember the cup of the World has to fill with what each of us has to pour . Think what you would like to pour into it !๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

The poignance of a farewell

 Farewell thee !! So much of depth in these two words . So many different kinds of farewells in this world. Farewell to an old habit  Farewe...